March to August 2023

22 - 26 March
DETAILS AND INSIGHTS: The Construction of Tripsichore Sun Salutes–Developments and Variations Bayonne, France

Hard core technique and wild experimentation…mornings of working hard on the subtleties of breath and vinyasa movement as Tripsichore sees it…afternoons of adventurous inversions, back bends, twists, and exploration of the meaning of yoga and art.


28 - 31 March 
DETAILS AND INSIGHTS: The Construction of Tripsichore Sun Salutes–Developments and Variations Bayonne, France
Remarkably similar to the above!  So good we had to give it twice.

6 - 7 April 
Tripsichore Foundation Course   Kuala Lumpur
Info:  IG/FB @samanayogakl 
8 - 12 April 
Tripsichore Creators Course   Kuala Lumpur
Info: IG/FB @samanayogakl

15 - 16 April   Sibu

Details soon!
19 - 23 April  Five Tripsichore Immersion   Hong Kong
Info:  Cecilia Yoga
24 April 
Performance!   Hong Kong
The great Tripsichoreans reunite to do their acclaimed show WHEN YOU GET TO THE FINISH, START AGAIN

28 April 
Performance!   Tainan
29 April - 1 May 
Tripsichore Workshop   Tainan

24 - 29 May  
Taught by Edward Clark and Laurie Greene
40 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
For Experienced Teachers only

Day #1: The Aesthetics of Beauty and Connoisseurs of Consciousness

Day#2: Making Ritual and Meaning Making

Day#3: Why Thinking Matters: Radical versus Critical Acceptance

Day#4: The Power of Imagination

Day#5: Merging Theory and Practice
Day#6: The Future of Technique

This 6-day course will evaluate the practice and teaching (pedagogy) of Yoga for advanced practitioners and teachers. It is a deep dive into Yoga intended for who those who are looking to continue a serious inquiry, conversation, and collaboration about teaching and practicing yoga and a consideration of how to make its future evolution most effective.

Edward and Laurie will utilize their new book Teaching Contemporary Yoga (Routledge 2022) to frame and lead discussion and experimentation. They will cultivate independent critical thinking and imaginative solutions to the problems facing Yoga and its practice in the world today. Relevant to any style, orthodoxy, or population, this “incubator” goes beyond instruction in postures or adjustments. It will discuss how good teaching encompasses having sound theories, methods, techniques, and practice. It will promote the ways in which student progress and well as the robust evolution of Yoga as a discipline requires a systematic route to the experience of “enlightenment.” This is a “training for the trainer” and is optimal for those that wish to create exceptional and innovative teacher trainings.

17 July - 11 August   Tripsichore Summer Intensive - London (see Courses page on navigation bar)