TRIPSICHORE SUMMER INTENSIVE        London, England           17 July  - 11 August, 2023


17 July - 11 August, 2023   Monday through Friday 10:00 - 4:00 pm (London time)      

PLEASE NOTE: The Summer Intensive is not a teacher training programme. The decision not to give teacher trainings was not lightly made. Our reasons for this change are numerous, but, in substance, amount to our strongly held feeling that what we offer in an Intensive – where study is about how to improve one’s practice – is of far greater worth. We feel that the physically and philosophically complicated practice that the Tripsichore style offers is not something that can be mastered from a teaching perspective in the time allotted and respecting the requirements of the Yoga Alliance makes for a 500 hour teacher training. In our opinion, the work on the specifics of the practice itself are of greater importance to a prospective Tripsichore teacher. In short, people who are seeking to improve their teaching skills are better served for the hours spent in the studio, time in London, and the money invested in our course by working in-depth on their understanding of the Tripsichore practice.


The challenge of the Tripsichore Intensive is to understand and articulate the philosophical orthodoxies of a difficult and advanced vinyasa practice in the context of yoga as it has been practiced in the distant past as well as how it is done today. We feel that those who take up this challenge will find it rewarding for themselves as both practitioners and as teachers. It is also, perhaps, worth noting that it removes the pressure, both to ourselves and to the participants, of determining worthiness of certification. 

The course will be July 17 – August 11, 2023 and will run from 10:00 – 4:00 Mondays through Fridays. We will only be accepting 10 participants and it is on a first come first served basis.


The Intensive Course is for those who already have a well developed practice and it should be stressed that it is an extremely challenging course. Those who are wondering what that might entail are advised to look at the Tripsichore Yoga DVD (available at The Intensive Course addresses the REGULAR Practice. The Intensive Course is designed to examine the techniques of vinyasa yoga from the Tripsichore perspective. While it is intended to be a physically challenging course with attention paid to the methods used to attain difficult inversions, back bends, etc., it is equally concerned with the philosophical reasons for doing so. The subjects of pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and drishti within a vinyasa context will be considered and developed. We are endeavouring to develop yogis who wish to have both amazing physical and contemplative practices.

Tripsichore has used the physical vocabulary of yoga to make yoga theatre since 1993. To create performance pieces using yoga, Tripsichore found it necessary to articulate more clearly the premises and techniques of what is loosely termed “Vinyasa”. This has ultimately led to a consideration of how and why the transitions between asanas occur and their relative importance to asanas. The conclusion, though seemingly obvious, was that the transitions are just as important – just as interesting but in a different way – as the postures. While there has been a considerable dedication on the part of yoga over many years to understand the technique of posture, there has been limited articulation made of the technique for transitioning from posture to posture. This is not surprising as much of yoga has been informed by a leitmotif of “stillness” and this has included stillness of breath and mind as well as body.



Cost: £2,500


Comfortable in freestanding Headstand with leg variations

Some knowledge of pranayama

A regular yoga practice

TIMES: 10:00 – 4:00 Monday through Friday     17 July - 11 August, 2023

LOCATION: 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10 9TP United Kingdom


Some reviews for the TRIPSICHORE TECHNIQUE in its DVD set:

 “For the past 15 years {Tripsichore} has developed its own unique brand of asana…the practices are a joy to watch and, along with the workshops, a treasure trove of intriguing ideas.” Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal


“Thanks to this challenging and compellingly creative instructional DVD, advanced yoginis can finally skip a class or a self-practice. In the two-disc set, Edward Clark, a student of yoga since 1978 and founder of the UK-based Tripsichore performance group (, reveals to the public for the first time the Tripsichore Yoga techniques that have dazzled onlookers for decades.”  Sara Avant Stover, FitYoga Magazine


“The DVD set highlighting their performance and practice aptly transfers to the small screen. Even when they are linking together spectacular poses, such as lifting from wheel in handstand to arching variations of handstand to wheel again, or in more simple movements, it is the smooth and watery transitions that create beauty.”  Felicia M. Tomasko, LA Magazine


“…Edward has deliberately made the practice sequences quite challenging to give people an opportunity to investigate their real potential by trying things they otherwise might never do. Challenging they are. Even the Simple series would be a bit of a reach for most intermediate yoga students, except for those who have an athleticism that combines considerable strength, flexibility, and balance. Growing in complexity from strongly intermediate to highly advanced, the sequences all start manageably with a basic sun salutation that has some distinctive Tripsichore movements, such as arm circles in extended forward bend. But in the Regular and Plus sequences, Edward and Eileen really begin to take you into some complex and difficult movements and postures. These are definitely not for beginners—and perhaps even beyond many intermediate-level Ashtanga practitioners. Tripsichore’s techniques are likely to take you beyond your current beliefs about physical, mental and energetic limitations—and perhaps to a deeper realization of the unity and flow of life.”   Tim Noworyta, Yoga Chicago