DETAILS and INSIGHTS     THE FIVE DAY WEEK OF CLASSES   Wednesday to Sunday July 14 - 18, 2021


TRIPSICHORE SUMMER INTENSIVE postponed to July 18 - August 12, 2022

DETAILS and INSIGHTS  The Five Day Week Of Classes

July 14 - 18  Wednesday through Sunday at 3:00 - 5:00 pm London time     Online 


In yoga training, there are times to work on detailed yoga technique and there are periods where one does yoga. Technique is comprised of a multitude of small details that function to bring about insight into how yoga is done. Working on technique and doing yoga are not quite the same thing. One studies technique so that it may be integrated both conceptually and physically to enhance one’s yoga practice. The yoga practice is intended to be a rewarding exploration of mental and physical realities. 

 A good yoga class is much more than a set of sequenced postures or moves. Each of the classes in this course will feature particularly detailed instruction and demonstration and are meant to stimulate a deeper understanding of the quality of physical practice as well as a profound consideration of the intellectual meaning of the practice of yoga.

 Though this is meant to be taken as a course, each class has a particular technical theme and may be booked separately.

 Day 1 – It Starts And Sustains (action of the upper leg on inhale and exhale)

Day 2 – Balance Continuously Evolves (actions of the back of the leg)

Day 3 – Past The Edge Of The Known World (arms in shoulder socket – connection of breath through                  

                shoulder blades.

Day 4 – Change And Art Are Eternal ( and vita brevis)

Day 5 -- Focus Is Not Just For Eyes

REQUIREMENTS FOR WORKSHOP COURSE:  There are no specific requirements for this course, but it is presumed that attendees will have some previous knowledge of Tripsichore or a consistent practice.
TIMES:  Wednesday-Sunday 3:00 - 5:00 pm London time

COST:  £100     (PAYPAL link at the bottom of the page) or £22.50 per class

Full Course July 14 - 18: £100

July 14 only: £22.50

July 15 only: £22.50

July 16 only: £22.50

July 17 only:  £22.50

July 18 only:  £22.50