TRIPSICHORE SUMMER INTENSIVE    July 18 - August 12, 2022

 Immersion Course

The Construction of Tripsichore Sun Salutes – Developments and Variations

NOVEMBER 29 - DECEMBER 3   Monday through Friday 10:00 - 4:00 pm (London time)      

These sessions will be taught by Edward Clark, the creator of Tripsichore. While the subject matter will be the Tripsichore Sun Salutes (which typically would involve such things as handstands with moving half lotus and eagle…transitions from shoulderstand to peacock…forearm balances with twisted scorpions), the idea behind an Immersion is that the participants are able to engage with a highly skilled individual in a less formal dialogue than is possible in a normal class and to hear and exchange provocative insights and opinions.

Tripsichore contends that apart from competency and mastery, creating spectacular asanas has much to do with the energetic intention of the practitioner. Underlying the dramatic quality of inspiring asana is the exploration of the way energy flows through the body to create forms, shapes, and, ultimately, meaning. In this workshop, Edward expertly guides participants on a continued journey through innovative Sun Salutes - the glory of Tripsichore's technique, and into the deeper energetic exploration on the way to advanced asana practice. Tripsichore’s Sun Salutes are devised to explore ingenious ways of performing handstands, headstands and unusual backbends through the use of vinyasa movement and ujjayi breath. Through the cultivation of evenness of breath coupled with evenness of movement, these Sun Salutes seek to bring evenness of mind while executing challenging sequences of postures. 

Each day will consist of morning Master Class and an afternoon breakdown of the material in a particular Sun Salute.   The classes are structured to examine the components of the Sun Salutes that reveals the technical principles as well as the highly experimental nature of the Tripsichore practice.

 There is a contrast between the purity of the vinyasa practice of Sun Salutes and the postural orientation of the Giris Sequence (which provides insight into some of the building blocks of vinyasa). Both are profoundly influenced by the understanding of how the breath works both the mind and the body. Both provide tools for an endless exploration of yoga. 

November 29 – The Khultra

November 30 – The Deko

December 1 – The Khonundrum

December 2 – The Khogolexus

December 3 – The Supreme

REQUIREMENTS FOR COURSE:  There are no specific requirements for this course, but it is presumed that attendees will have some previous knowledge of Tripsichore or a consistent practice.  The course is limited to 10 participants and applicants will be admitted on a first come first served basis.
TIMES:  Monday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00 pm London time

LOCATION:  41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10 9TP UK
COST:  £400