A SERIES OF 4 MASTER CLASSES   Saturdays: February 20 - March 13, 2021


TRIPSICHORE SUMMER INTENSIVE planned for July 19 - August 13, 2021

4 Master Classes

4 Saturday Master Classes February 20 and 27 and March 6 and 13, 2021     Online 
Each of these Master Classes will take the form of a regular Tripsichore class including the Girish Sequence, but will also break down significant aspects of one of the Tripsichore Sun Salutes in particular.  The classes are structured to examine the components of the Sun Salutes to reveal the technical principles as well as the highly experimental nature of the Tripsichore practice.

There is a contrast between the purity of vinyasa practice of Sun Salutes and the postural orientation of the Girish Sequence (which provides insight into some of the building blocks of vinyasa).  Both are profoundly influenced by the understanding of how the breath works both the mind and the body.  Both provide tools for an endless exploration of yoga.

February 20 - The Khultra
February 27 - The Deko
March 6 - The Khogolexus
March 13 - the Supreme

REQUIREMENTS FOR WORKSHOP COURSE:  There are no specific requirements for this course, but it is presumed that attendees will have some previous knowledge of Tripsichore or a consistent practice.
TIMES:  Saturday 3:00 - 5:00 pm London time

COST:  Individual classes are £25, but ALL FOUR CLASSES are £80     (PAYPAL link at the bottom of the page)
PLEASE APPLY TO:  tripsichore@msn.com 

            Individual classes £25.00 (button below)