We're not just sitting back and drinking espresso, you know!  But, we are taking the bitter dregs of our forced analogies online.  

There are 2 BIG events in the savvy Tripsichorean's spring diary. 

On April 24 and 25, Edward Clark will put further strains on credulity as he attempts to conduct classes in a peculiar mix of French and English. (He thinks he is tres elegant, mais...well, one can only hope that his ability to demonstrate with clarity exceeds his linguistic skill.)  The Saturday session will cover the technical skills involved in achieving a variety of inverted postures and Sunday will feature some extravagant variations.  The aim of this workshop is to place the use of inversions in a vinyasa context - it is not about just getting to a posture, but what vistas are opened up once you get there.  For information contact:  bloomyogafrance@gmail.com

On May 10 - 14, Tripsichore will be holding Five Days Of Two Hour Classes at 3:30 - 5:30 London time (online classes via Zoom).  The 2 hour class gives enough time to find the balance between working on technique and actually “doing” yoga – sufficient time for experimentation and integration of the information obtained. The repetition that is possible over 5 successive days means that this integration is better retained. It means that the broad picture of yoga practice can be addressed and that a multiplicity of details can be accumulated.

If you would care to have some more information, you'll can rush off to either the Courses or Schedule on the navigation bar above to get the details...or send an email to tripsichore@msn.com