We're not just sitting back and drinking espresso, you know!  But, we are taking the bitter dregs of our forced analogies online.  

There's a two day online workshop coming up September 26 - 27 and it is followed on swiftly by 2 one hour classes on September 29 and October 1.  It really is all one package.  You'll have to rush off to either the Courses or Schedule on the navigation bar above to get the details.  Can't be bothered?  Okay, well here's the rationale: there's  a problem when one gives workshops; you really don't give people much opportunity to integrate what they have learned in the actual class situation.  So, the workshop part is about the hows, whys, and wherefores of the very technically specific breathing we do as execute the Tripsichore Sun Salutes.  Oh, don't suppose for a moment that means sitting on a bolster and trying not to fall asleep.  But then - aha, wonder or wonders - we are giving 2 hour long classes in the following week so that there really is an chance to put it all into practice.