We're not just sitting back and drinking espresso, you know!  But, we are taking the bitter dregs of our forced analogies online.  

October 29 - 31  Yoganine   OUT AND IN     In Tripsichore Yoga, some techniques are best employed to look inward at the Self – others improve one’s skill at appreciating that which is outside one’s Self. The enormous variety of inversions, back bends, and twists found in Tripsichore Yoga are used to make practitioners into connoisseurs of personal experience and appreciators of “the other”...or so Edward Clark is alleged to have claimed.  These ideas are pursued in the soon to be published (and relentlessly promoted) book Teaching Contemporary Yoga.       Info;  Yoga Weekend Trainings with Edward Clark and Laurie Greene - Yoga Nine  or phone (609) 404-0999

November 5 - 7 Edward Clark and Laurie Greene will present THE MIND IS THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL   Teacher Training – Preparatory Module for serious teachers and those who might aspire to teach...based on their soon to be published book - Teaching Contemporary Yoga.  A re-examination of everything you THINK you know about practice and teaching. This exploratory weekend module will challenge you to take your teaching into uncharted territory.  Info: Yoga Weekend Trainings with Edward Clark and Laurie Greene - Yoga Nine  or phone (609) 404-0999

November 20  STRANGE AND FAMILIAR  A Workshop For Inversions And Unusual Asanas In A Vinyasa Context   This workshop is for those who want an opportunity to refine their ability in some of the so-called “high end” moves associated with yoga, but it is also intended for people who just want to have a bash at learning how to do some things that they feel they might be able to do if they understood how to better approach them.                Email:  tripsichore@msn.com

November 29 - December 3    DETAILS AND INSIGHTS: The Construction of Tripsichore Sun Salutes–Developments and Variations 
                                                                                London Five Day Immersion  10:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday 

Hard core technique and wild experimentation…mornings of working hard on the subtleties of breath and vinyasa movement as Tripsichore sees it…afternoons of adventurous inversions, back bends, twists and exploration of the meaning of yoga and art.  See the "Courses" page on the navigation bar for more information or email Edward Clark at: tripsichore@msn.com