We're not just sitting back and drinking espresso, you know!  But, we are taking the bitter dregs of our forced analogies online...and, once again, thankfully, in person too!  

May 24 - 29, 2023 THE INNOVATION INCUBATOR      Laurie Greene and Edward Clark present the initial course (40 hours of CEU if you fancy that kind of thing) based on their newly published book -- TEACHING CONTEMPORARY YOGA: Physical Philosophy and Critical Issues.  Of course, if you haven't purchased this valuable tome you'll just rush right on down to your local bookstore and demand it.  However, if you want to study some of what it is all about (let's just say it has something to do with improving the entire discipline of the teaching and practice of yoga) then why not come and join us for an intensive getaway with a group of experienced teachers who are endeavouring to incubate some relevant improvements.             

Email:  tripsichore@msn.com