We're not just sitting back and drinking espresso, you know!  But, we are taking the bitter dregs of our forced analogies online.  There's a two part course coming up July 24 - 26 and July 29 - August 2 which is hosted by Samana Yoga in Kuala Lumpur.  Part One is about the so-called foundations of Tripsichore - the hows, whys, and wherefores of the very technically specific breathing we do as execute the Tripsichore Sun Salutes.  Oh, don't suppose for a moment that means sitting on a bolster and trying not to fall asleep.  Part Two is about how we use the Tripsichore technique to create.  It will still have a wealth of technical information and challenge.  The details can be found on the Schedule section of the Navigation Bar, but you can also get them from Kevin Chai at samanayogakl@gmail.com 

You might also find yourself intrigued by the possibility that we will be doing two monthly sessions beginning in August -- one is geared to accommodating European/Asian times and the other is for North American/European hours (gee, those Europeans are getting a double whammy).