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Photo: JPH Woodland

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Photo: JPH Woodland

There’s a lot cooking over the next few months – indeed, quite a lot on the boil…moving from the frying pan into the platitude. 



When we're in town, we have what’s laughingly known as Company Class every week day at the eccentric hours of our choosing (11:00 AM at this writing) at 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10. It’s pretty darned advanced, but if you fancy coming along, you just do that. What’s more, it’s free. Yup, the only thing we charge for is when someone learns to do a back kickover from the wheel (Price: one good bottle of champagne…and if it’s any encouragement, I want you to know my fridge is full of ‘em). If you do want to come, it’s a good idea to give a call a day or so beforehand to make sure we haven’t changed the time – we’re a bit ad hoc in that too. The number is 0208 459-2416.

February 3 – 4   Isle Of Man

Fancy a winter weekend getaway?  How’s about a jaunt over to the Isle Of Man?  The rather salubrious venue is Karma Yoga in the heart of Douglas is just the spot to hunker down for some interesting yoga.


February 11   Tunbridge Wells

A Sunday in Tunbridge Wells…what a great place to spend the day…at the free wheelin’ Freestyle Yoga Project…home of the Freeth Man.  It is a full day of full on yoga devoted to the transitional element of Tripsichore technique…PLUS + a performance of The Between Space (Tripsichore’s latest show).   


March 10 – 11   Edinburgh

Edinburgh in March – known for its balmy weather and indoor relaxation.  But, I doubt there will be much relaxation at the Tripsichore Sun Salutes And Beyond workshop except, perhaps, at the very end of class (and maybe at the end of the day as you collapse wearily into your bed)…the possibility of balmy weather might also be in doubt.  However, this is going to be a very interesting session.  You might just check out The Yoga Room’s website to verify…

** August 6 - 17  London Specialist Course**
Just can't mention this often enough.  This is one you have to do.


April 20 - 22       Monterrey, Mexico 

Every year the Monterrey Yoga Congreso gets better (and it’s a rare yoga conference you can say that about!)…and we intend to continue the upward trajectory.  They always have great teachers and, whatever your level of practise, there is an excellent chance of mingling with some very convivial, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic practitioners.

April 26 – 29   Merida, Mexico

It’s a fine space that Elina Otero has put together and it’s an honour to be coming back here.  This is a great opportunity to actually study in depth the foundations of Tripsichore’s vinyasa style technique…AND…it’s another opportunity to have a hearty laugh at Mr. Clark’s risible attempts at Spanish.   This is a 4 day Intensive…which means just what it says…it will be intense.

May 9 – 13  Monterrey, Mexico

Back to Monterrey…while the Congresso (April 20 – 22 above) is such a wonderfully inclusive event, this session is for a particular elite.  This is for people who have already done at least a 2 week course with Tripsichore (or who can convince Mr. Clark that they really know their Tripsichore chops).  It’s a chance to move on to the higher echelons of what Tripsichore offers.  You know who you are.  Contact Lety Lozano at:



May 17 - 21   Biarritz, France

An Intensive course and performance of The Between Space.  Zoe Bloom (of course you’ve heard of Bloom Yoga – she didn’t even have to get a guru given moniker to name the studio!) has made a very comfortable and ambitious yoga space.  A great prospect here to start mining the rich vein of Tripsichore technique (editors note:  metaphor would be more effective if floral).

 July 6 - 8   Zaragoza, Spain

Go Yoga is one of the few studios in the world that has the guts to flourish its affinity to the Tripsichore standard.  The work here leans strongly towards the creative (which is very much the Tripsichore ethos).


Splendid times, splendid food and splendid yoga...don't you wish you were here?  You can be.  Don't be such a stick in the mud.  Throw away your precious life wherever you are (come on, you've read about non-attachment) and run away to join the Tripsichore circus.

March 27   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 4 hour session aimed at the very high level Tripsichore practitioner…there are quite a few of them in KL.  We’re talking about people who know their Tripsichore Sun Salutes (and that includes the correct pronunciation of Khultra…and Tripsichore for that matter.  This is really for people who know there stuff and are ready to mix it like we do in London.  Contact Kevin Chai at  (Do you know how to pronounce raizen?)


March 28 - 30  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I always thought that it was a good thing to have classes that were quite mixed in their levels…the so-called advanced people really improve their foundational technique for one thing.  However, this session is deliberately aimed at people who have “some” experience in Tripsichore…and that means that the yoga high jump bar will be set fairly high (but not unreasonably so)…faster paced…less time spent on the so-called basics…yet always with the eye, ear and other relevant senses attuned to what matters philosophically.  Contact Kevin Chai at 

March 31 - April 1  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The two previous offerings (see above) sound quite hard core.  Okay.  So is this one, but it is hard core in a different way.  Scouting around for a name for this, we came up (provisionally) with Hard Core Basics.  I’ll let you in a little known secret (tightly held by itinerant celebrity yogis).  Most people, reading the above 2 KL offerings will think something like “Oooh, that sounds too hard”, but when they read something like the word “basics” they go “Oh, that sounds too easy”.  How can you please ‘em?  This session will be quite hard, but not too hard for you.  Contact Kevin Chai at


April 6 - 8   Jakarta, Indonesia 

Jakarta!  What a place!  Renowned for its traffic and the intrepid strategies for dealing with it.  It should also be renowned for the Carin Studio and the equally intrepid yoga that goes on there (informed by a mix of martial arts and ballet...interesting)

June 7 - 10  Asia Yoga Conference, Hong Kong

The big event of Asian yoga conferences.  Always a good line up of teachers and they make enough time in the sessions for some real teaching to happen (other conferences please take note).


June 18 – 22   Bandung, Indonesia

This is a course for those who have pretty advanced practices already and is being held by the fabulous Yenny Christine.  You’ll have to convince Mr. Clark or Yenny that you’re up to it.



The End...for now